PerBI - What Is It
Screen shot PerBI (Personal Business Intelligence) is a data analysis or business intelligence tool designed for use by "normal people" not IT Departments and is intended for use alongside existing administration systems.

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Although developed after experiences with insurance brokers, PerBI is relevant to any business that has up to 4,000,000 transactions that it wants to analyse.  If you do have 4 million transactions then you are getting near the product's limits and you will need a newish PC.
Business Friendly Licencing
Licenced On A Concurrent Usage Basis
People Reflecting the reality that many people want to run software on their laptops when they are not connected to the main network, PerBI has been written to be simple to install and administer and has a  very friendly licence.
Excel, SQL Server etc.
Why not use Excel or SQL SSRS or my admin system?
Excel/SQL Server PerBI was designed to fill what we perceive as a gap between Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services. Its hard to explain this, but what we mean becomes obvious when you use the product and give it to people who are not particularly "techie"

It is often the case that existing administration systems are great for administration but are weak when it comes to examining your data when you are not sure what you want to know.
PerBI lets you "play" around with your data in an easy to use way, whether you are looking for sales opportunities or analysing that part of the business that you do not intuitively know about.
How does it work with my data?
Interaction with my admin system
Money On a regular basis the "techie" that looks after your computer system unloads the relevant information from your administration system as a text file (CSV) to your PC. PerBI works with this copied data, it does not directly interact with your live system.
Where there are no specific export facilities within the admin system, data can often be extracted using the admin system's report writer or letter writer to create "letters" with the relevant information.
Pricing and licencing details
Pricing and licencing details

Please contact us on 07429 340861 if you want further details or  Click here for pricing details or to download the evaluation version.

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In Use

The latest Version is 1.22.0 released on 27/Apr/2014

PerBI is the new name for IBView, it turns out that there is an database (Interbase) file management tool called IBView and this may cause confusion.