Selecting Data To View
Selecting Data To View
The main PerBI views are Bar and Line graphs.

The contents of these graphs are selected from a drop down list of model columns.

One Graph Isn't Very Friendly?
There are "techie issues" around this point, but the default setup allows you to display 8 graphs for example, but this can be increased.

Can I See Numbers Instead?
Most of the time a graphical view is the most appropriate.

You can also see the data that makes the graph or the rows in the data source that are currently in use. This second option will make more sense later on.
Side Notes

Normally PerBI displays the data that you are looking as a graph and unlike a spreadsheet nothing else.

But you you can  look the numbers that make up the graph...

Or the the model data that you are focusing on, this is particularly useful if you are using PerBI to plan a marketing campaign.