PerBI Error 0000 - Version History
Version History
1.22.0 - 26/Apr/2014
  • Core - Fixed error where the last character in the last field in the last line was being lost if the line did not have a line terminator.
  • ASL - Added in support for %ProgramFiles% in file paths.

1.21.0 - 21/Apr/2014
  • DIS File - All specification of field separator instead of assuming a comma.
  • DMC - Add Is Empty to the Keep/Drop Operations.

1.20.1 - 8/Jan/2009
  • Report Editor - Fix issue when a section bar is dragged up against a control the bottom most pixels of that control are lost when printing the report.
  • ASL - Fix memory access error when OpenReport attempts to access a non existent report.
  • ASL - Fix issue where OpenReport is opening a Printer dialog.

1.20.0 - 6/Jan/2009
  • ASL - Fixed fatal error that occurs if the window that  accepts focus by default after closing an ASL window is another ASL window and certain actions are taken without clicking on the new window.
  • Help Files - Minor spelling and detail changes.
  • Reports Editor - Added user defined report layouts for reports based on Graph Data, Underlying Data and ASL arrays.
  • Forms/Reports Editor - Added facility to use the cursor keys to select properties for editing.

1.10.1 - 29/Nov/2008
  • ASL - Fixed fatal error if 11 user defined forms are opened.
  • Forms/ASL - Fixed error where combobox.SelectedData returns 0 for the last item in the list.
  • Forms Editor - Fixed error that causes a memory violation if a form/property window fails to create.

1.10.0 - 29/Nov/2008
  • Data Locking - Changed method of locking data manipulation commands.
  • Bitmaps - Fix issue where temporary line bitmaps need property setting in the main Properties dialog as well.
  • ASL - Added new form handling, Form2Open,Form2Close and Form2Exchange along with a form designer
  • ASL - Support for multiline paste.
  • ASL - Added in the Functions List dialog.
  • ASL - Added in Find In Code
  • ASL - Added automatic casting between string and numeric variables in most cases.
  • ASL - Fix error where deleting the last line of the script when it is the only line on the screen causes a fatal error.
  • ASL - Fix memory leak (about 10 bytes a time) when changing/adding/deleting variables.
  • ASL - Introduce the IsNumeric and IsNotNumeric predicates into the IF statement.
  • DIS File - Added entry RunASLScript into the DIS file which names an ASL script to be run when the model is opened.  This makes these DIS files incompatible with previous versions of PerBI. Note that the entry can safely be removed by hand to allow its use with previous versions.

1.09b - 29/Sept/2008
  • Imaginary Data Licence introduced.

1.09a - 15/Sept/2008
  • Add in the ASL operator \*, Band operator.

1.09 - 12/Sept/2008
  • Add in support for user defined bitmaps on Line Charts.
  • Fix path errors in Invaders sample.

1.08a - 13/June/2008
  • Fix issue where default registry entries are not being made during installation.

1.08 - 5/June/2008
  • Major rewrite of the line and bar drawing code.
  • Added in support for user defined bitmaps .

1.07f - 25/Apr/2008
  • Fix issue where Installer not setting AST template to the correct location.

1.07e - 10/Mar/2008
  • Fix Can't Select PEN error with overlaid std deviation lines graphs.
  • Add in option to select typeface for graph items and change some of the default colours.
  • Increase % of screen used to display chart.
  • Fix memory leak when cancelling a SELECT DATA command (There are a lot of unique items.... Yes/No/Cancel).
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to select minimum column width to Line Graphs.

1.07d - 03/Mar/2008
  • Add in support for overlaying one graph onto another.
  • Add in a DMC command to Keep/Drop only the first occurrence of a value in a column.
  • Add in parameter string into display variables in list control to restrict the number of elements displayed.

1.07c - 29/Dec/2007
  • Change the way that floating point and currency variables are displayed on the X axis to avoid the same value appearing twice when they are different by by small amounts.
  • Fix issue where -ve value graphs do not display correctly.

1.07b - 28/Dec/2007
  • Fix error that causes Access Violation when creating entries in DIS files for columns that do not use look up files.

1.07a - 14/May/2007
  • Change to use HTML help instead of .hlp
  • Fix serious error when ASL OpenFile is used without a filename
  • Change colour of captions on ASL UserForm to match dialog background
Side Notes
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